5 Major Techniques of Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon keyword research is a crucial aspect of Amazon search engine optimization (SEO). It involves finding the popular keywords, i.e., the search terms that buyers use when looking for certain products on Amazon. Research has shown that businesses that use these popular keywords tend to do well, in terms of leads, conversion rate, and revenue inflow.
Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace, but that doesn’t mean your product can’t make it to the first page of the search results. You only need to learn the best practices for creating your product listings to make it easy for Amazon’s search engine to discover your product. Amazon indexes information and uses several factors to determine who lands where in the product search results, and one of these factors is the appropriate keywords. But the big question is how do you find the appropriate keywords? Keyword research.

This article will help you understand keyword research, why it’s important, and how to conduct Amazon keyword research.

Why Is Amazon Keyword Research Important?

Amazon keyword research is a crucial aspect of Amazon search engine optimization (SEO). It involves finding the popular keywords, i.e., the search terms that buyers use when looking for certain products on Amazon. Research has shown that businesses that use these popular keywords tend to do well, in terms of leads, conversion rate, and revenue inflow. Implementing these keywords can get sellers’ products on the first page of Amazon search engines, thereby making it easier for shoppers to notice. When you successfully rank your website on the first page of Amazon’s search engine, you enjoy the following benefits:

Low Ad Cost

The cost of running ads on social media, radio, and television jingles can be overwhelming, especially for growing brands. Unlike big brands, most growing brands have a limited budget. Although ads are an essential part of marketing, if you’re a growing brand and can’t afford to spend so much on ads, you should pay attention to optimizing your product page using the right keywords. This will produce the same results as running ads, but at a lower cost.

Increased Online Presence

Keywords are helpful to your Amazon business, as they help your potential buyers to find your products on the site. With a keyword-rich product listing, your products are most likely to make it to Amazon’s first page, making it easier for shoppers to buy from you. Remember, shoppers hardly go past the first page, so it’s best to be strategically positioned.

Increased Revenue

The greatest motive behind starting any kind of business is profit. As good as it is, in the e-commerce world, better visibility and impression equals better conversions. Successfully getting your products to Amazon’s search engine’s first page is a valid ticket to visibility and, possibly, conversions. Increased conversion ultimately results in profitability.

How to Conduct Amazon Keyword Research?

To conduct proper Amazon keyword research, you must learn how to identify keywords. So, what exactly are you looking for? There are two types of keywords; primary and secondary keywords, and each of these types of keywords has its relevance in helping buyers locate your products. You have to target these two types of keywords to meet the needs of each type of buyer.

Primary keywords are short search terms that customers use when they’re looking for a product. These keywords are less specific, meaning that the customer doesn’t always have a specific type in mind. An example is “men’s shoes.” Secondary keywords are longer and more specific. An example is “brown lace shoes for men.” This shows that the buyer has something in mind and is hardly open to suggestions outside what they have in mind. Here you will find out the various ways to go about your Amazon keyword research.

1. Go the Traditional Way

This may sound like an old thing to do in the modern age, but it still counts. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and figure out what search terms they’re likely to use when searching for your product. Make a list of words or phrases that describe your product. To take your search further, you can visit public groups and communities such as Facebook and Reddit to see what people are saying about your product.

2. Use the Amazon Search Bar

Not so many sellers know that the Amazon search bar is a great tool for keyword research on its own. Amazon search bar gives you a free peek at how your potential buyers use Amazon. Simply type in the type of product you sell followed by letters of the alphabet and observe the suggestions that show up as you type. These results are products buyers frequently search for – keywords. Note them down. After carefully combing through the suggested queries, you would have a legitimate list of seed keywords to build on.

3. Scope Out Your Competition

Checking out what other sellers are doing is another great way to fish out some strong keywords to use for your product listing. Check out other major brands that sell similar products and how they described their products. Skim through competitors’ titles and product descriptions to identify the keywords they used.

4. Use a Keyword Research Tool

Aside from the traditional methods of finding keywords, using a keyword research tool is a major plus, for example, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, etc. These tools are highly intuitive software that helps you garner information about your product. A keyword research tool identifies what search terms your prospects are using and the keywords top sellers in that niche are ranking for. Especially if you’re selling more than one product, using a keyword research tool for your Amazon SEO will be quite necessary. Although some of these tools cost a fortune to use, you can still find free tools like Google Keyword Planner. The paid tools may have some edge over the latter, though. Overall, the keyword research tool provides you with tons of in-depth, valuable data to work with.

5. Use Professional Services

This had to come into the list because not all sellers are familiar with a keyword research tool or have the leisure time to conduct proper research. If you’re in these classes, the best alternative for you is outsourcing to a good Amazon services agency. An Amazon services agency provides Amazon sellers with services that help them boost their success odds on the Amazon site. These services range from keyword research to listing product optimization, A+ Content creation, and competitor analysis.

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Using the right keywords can significantly increase the visibility of your product in Amazon search results, which can lead to an increase in sales and revenue. However, it is important to keep in mind that keyword research is just one aspect of Amazon SEO. To achieve the best results, you should also optimize your product titles, descriptions, and image. Webzon Services is one of the finest Amazon Service provider in Calgary, Canada.