4 Most Important Amazon Services to Stay on Top of the Game

Amazon seller doesn't guarantee traffic to your page or constant sales. Amazon services like keyword research, competitor analysis, and listing optimizations make your products more discoverable and in turn, have a profound impact on your sales.
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When you talk about online shopping, Amazon is among the first that comes to mind, with over 300 million monthly visitors. Little wonder virtually every business owner strives for a space in the global marketplace. However, it’s important to know that being an Amazon seller doesn’t guarantee traffic to your page or constant sales. Top sellers on Amazon leverage some exclusive services provided by Amazon to edge out the competition and stay on top of their game.

Amazon services like keyword research, competitor analysis, and listing optimizations make your products more discoverable and in turn, have a profound impact on your sales. Let’s x-ray the various Amazon services and how each impact your Amazon business.

1. Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital part of any successful Amazon business, as it tells you what customers are searching for. This helps you to know how popular a product is to decide whether it’s a good pick. Normally, products with higher search volume and popularity tend to sell more on Amazon.

Keyword research also tells you what search terms customers are using when looking for products in the marketplace. Infusing these terms or keywords into different areas of your product listing increases your product ranking on Amazon search results. Higher rankings give you more visibility in the marketplace, and eventually more sales.

2. Amazon Competitor Analysis

Amazon competitor analysis refers to thorough research on your competitors, aiming to find out their products, marketing strategies, relevant keywords on which they rank higher, and other relevant information. This helps you to better position your brand for success on the e-commerce platform. Typically, this research helps you know who you’re up against since the global e-commerce site is fiercely competitive, as well as the right approach to take.

Analyzing your competitors’ businesses and success enables you to identify the gaps in their businesses which you could leverage to outperform. You can also identify the areas that need to be strengthened in your businesses. At the same time, it can motivate you to set bigger business goals and targets. Thinking of how to get started?

Webzonservices.com is a top Calgary-based Amazon account management firm that provides Amazon sellers with high-end competitor analysis. The agency adopts robust technologies in digital marketing to deliver optimal results that align with the client’s business goals.

3. Listing Creation and Optimization

Amazon listing optimization is another way to make your product more visible on Amazon and stay ahead of the competition. Just like every other saturated online marketplace, there are best practices for making your product rank higher on search results. Amazon product listing optimization is the process of optimizing your product listing to improve traffic and conversion. It features images, videos, product descriptions, reviews, and every other vital information about a given product.

Product listing optimization involves building your front and back end to meet a particular specification and using quality images. Also, you incorporate the right amount of high-volume keywords into target areas of your product page, including the title, bullet points, and product description. In optimizing your listing, you have to follow the parameters of the Amazon ranking algorithm to boost your organic search ranking.

This requires that you use the right amount of characters in the title and bullet points, as well as meet the image requirements. The goal of this Amazon service is to create a personalized and remarkable experience for your prospective buyers for easy conversion. However, you can choose to work with a top digital marketing agency to handle your product listing optimization and get your product in front of prospective customers.

Webzonservices.com uses the best digital marketing strategies to help online sellers get their products to the first page of Amazon search results. The agency provides the best Amazon services and is a sure bet for sellers who wish to expand their business’s reach on the world’s biggest retail platform.

4. EBC/A-Plus Content

Amazon has A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an Amazon feature designed to help sellers stand out. It’s also an incredibly powerful tactic to build credibility with buyers quickly. With this feature, you can include additional images and catchy texts to make your product listing exceptionally visually appealing. For instance, you could use images and graphic visuals to explain the benefits of your product to shoppers.

This may help to grab the attention of your prospective buyers faster. At the same time, it enlightens them about what they stand to gain by buying the products at a glance. This Amazon service is available for free to sellers with Brand Registry, i.e., sellers whose brands are registered under Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon service designed to help sellers protect their brands in the marketplace. By signing up for the Amazon Brand Registry program, you can access different tools that enable you to fight against any form of violation, and better represent your brand. Amazon cooperates with you to mitigate the risk of intellectual property violations by letting you share vital information about the brand with your customers. You can also automatically report any suspected violations of intellectual property rights.

Overall, you enjoy control over product listing and pages with the mentioned brand name. This way, buyers are more likely to see valuable and accurate information related to the brand, resulting in a better representation of the brand.


All sellers on the Amazon Marketplace have equal opportunities for success. By leveraging these Amazon services, which provide you with exclusive features, you can be more effective at turning shoppers into buyers. If you’re in Calgary and looking for an Amazon account management firm for your Amazon business, Webzonzervices.com is among the best options. The agency helps you grow your business strategically, offering unparalleled keyword research, competitor analysis, list creation and optimization, and EBC services.