The way you do business is special, and you want to achieve certain results. To that end, we provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools. WebZon Services is providing the most affordable packages.
Our Pricing Packages

Most Affordable Packages

* The pricing quoted on this page are for regular projects. Your niche, size, complexity, and scope of the project may require custom packages. To get a precise quote, please call (403)-879-6707, start a live chat, request a callback, or fill out our contact form.

Basic Website

$199 CAD

$99.5 CAD

Start-Up Website

$399 CAD

$199.5 CAD

Professional Website

$699 CAD

$349.5 CAD

We create more interest in your online store and boost your sales with a specialized e-commerce website
Starter Package

$699 CAD

$349.5 CAD

Professional Package

$999 CAD

$499.5 CAD

Business Package


$749.5 CAD

Webzon services is here to assist you in developing a logo that is both visually appealing and functional
Basic Logo

$39 CAD

$19.5 CAD

Start-Up Logo

$69 CAD

$34.5 CAD

Professional Logo

$99 CAD

$49.5 CAD

We take great pleasure in assisting organizations of all sizes in constructing an editorial around their company's narrative, beliefs, and goals
Article Writing

$50 CAD

$25 CAD

Blog Writing

$60 CAD

$30 CAD

Web Content Writing

$90 CAD

$45 CAD

WebZon services is among the top Amazon account management firms, so you can expand your business’s reach on the world’s biggest eRetail platform
Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

$99 CAD

$49.5 CAD

SEO Optimized Listing

$139 CAD

$69.5 CAD

EBC / A-Plus Content

$598 CAD

$299 CAD

The cost of Search Engine Optimization entirely depends on the size and scope of your project. To get an accurate quote, please call (403)-879-6707 request a callback, start a live chat, or fill out the form below

When you work with WebZon Services

Hiring a company to build and maintain a company’s online image is crucial. It includes getting people involved in your online community and sharing their own experiences with your brand’s products and services. Not only can businesses take advantage of highly focused advertising and customer service with this method, but they also stand to gain from it.

Since not all digital marketing strategies will apply to your business, an agency will modify its services to meet your unique requirements. Nonetheless, success requires a comprehensive plan that is carried out meticulously. The agency you choose to collaborate with should have a track record of success in your field.

The agency’s first step in working with you will be to formulate a strategy, which will include its objectives and methods. It involves deep investigation and will sketch out your company’s intended presence on the web. The content creators will next go to work on creating something that will hopefully appeal to and convince your target audience. There will be a variety of lead-focused digital marketing tactics used.

A major focus of your marketing team will be on fostering connections with your target demographic. We place a premium on reporting on their outcomes once we have provided value and prompted their participation. One of the most prized aspects of digital marketing is its ability to provide in-depth analysis and insightful conclusions, making it imperative that marketers complete this last step. CONTACT US!