How to Get Started with EBC /A-plus Content?

Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is an Amazon feature available to sellers on the marketplace to provide in-depth information about their products to buyers. A+ content allows sellers to make their product listings stand out in the competitive marketplace to stand a better chance to grab shoppers' attention and convert sale.
Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

If you’re a seller on the Amazon Marketplace, chances are that you’re not new to the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Seller Central. But although many sellers are aware of this Amazon service, not all understand its powerful features and how they can apply it to their business. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ content represents your brand on Amazon. It’s one surefire way to boost your product listing and increase chances for impression and conversion. If this still sounds mystical to you, no worries! In this article, we’ve done justice to the topic, including how to engage it for your Amazon business.

What is A+ Content?

Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is an Amazon feature available to sellers on the marketplace to provide in-depth information about their products to buyers. A+ content allows sellers to make their product listings stand out in the competitive marketplace to stand a better chance to grab shoppers’ attention and convert sales. With this feature, you can add informative content and images to your product listings. You can also include bullet points in your product descriptions to better explain your product features and benefits in an organized manner. With this product listing optimization, customers searching for a product on Amazon can easily locate your product. helps clients to stand out on the Amazon platform by providing quality listing optimization services. This Amazon services provider helps you create an outstanding EBC using optimized photos and videos, informative product descriptions, catchy titles, and detailed bullet points.

Difference Between Amazon EBC and A+ Content

There’s practically no difference between EBC and A+ content. A+ used to be known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) until Amazon combined their features into one. With this merger, A+ Content is now available to Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms under the name A+ content. Seller Central and Vendor Central represent two different types of seller platforms on Amazon. Seller Central is for sellers who sell directly to consumers, while Vendor Central is for sellers who sell directly to Amazon. EBC was meant for Seller Central and A+ content for Vendor Central. Now, A+ content is not only found in the Vendor Central dashboard, but also Seller Central. However, another feature, Premium A+ content or A++ is available within Vendor Central only. A++ is an advanced version of the A+ content, and it’s only available to the big players in the Amazon Marketplace.

Who Can Use Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content is only available to sellers who meet Amazon’s eligibility criteria. To be eligible for the Amazon A+ content, you must be an Amazon seller registered and approved on Amazon’s Brand Registry. Amazon vendors with registered products on Amazon Launchpad and Exclusives are eligible.

How to Get Started with A+ Content

Once you’re sure that you meet all the A+ content requirements, you can go ahead and add A+ content, and here’s how.

1.   Log in to Your Seller Account

Go to your Seller or Vendor Central account on and click on the Advertising tab. Open A+ Content Manager from the drop-down menu.

2. Select Self-Service or Amazon Builds for You

Vendors on Amazon have two options when it comes to creating A+ content. You either do it yourself or use Amazon service. If you choose to do it yourself, then you’ll need to download the A+ Content template first. When you have downloaded the template, fill it with the relevant information and customize it to suit your preference.

Here are some tips to help you create great A+ content:

  • Ensure to properly represent your brand image by using the appropriate branding elements. Use the colors, fonts, and photography style that best communicates your brand message.
  • Don’t make your A+ Content page crowded by adding too much text. You should consider a module with both images with text.
  • Ensure that all the information is accurate and error-free. Avoid ambiguous texts and misleading descriptions.
  • Maintain design consistency across pages
  • Highlight your unique selling points so that buyers can notice them easily.

Afterwards, creating your content, send it to Amazon via an email: The Amazon team will process your request and notify you as soon as your information is added to your Seller Central account. Review your A+ Content and then, give Amazon permission to publish it.

Note that although you can achieve high-performing A+ Content using the self-service, it’s best if you have marketing and branding experience. If you lack this experience, Amazon Build for You is the next option. With this option, Amazon does all the work for you, using. Amazon takes care of your page design for them according to how it thinks is best for your brand. However, keep in mind that this option is quite cost-intensive. A cost-effective alternative to using Amazon service is to outsource your A+ Content creation to an Amazon services agency like This Calgary-based Amazon account management firm helps Amazon vendors find their way to the top sellers’ status by providing professional product page optimization services. The firm works with a set of digital marketing professionals. This means that you only need to provide basic information about your product, and they provide expert solutions for you.

3. Measure Performance

When all is set, you need to test your A+ Content and see which improves your conversion rate the most. For this, you can use an Amazon tool called A+ Content Experiments. With this tool, you can test content variations to know the best possible version. Although, bear in mind that the result doesn’t happen overnight. So, for each content, you might have to sit back and monitor progress for a few weeks before concluding.


Amazon is one of the best marketplaces, but it takes some extra effort to stand out because the competition is super high. One of the best Amazon services to boost your Amazon business for visibility and conversion is Amazon A+ content. creates high-performing A+ Content for you to take your business to the next level. You can outsource every service of your digital marketing tasks to us, our professionals are always battle-ready, armed with robust marketing technologies.